Comics review: Is the Superior Spider-Man really superior?

In case you’re threatening to go totally TLDR on me ūüėČ , an¬†audio version of this review is available as well! Just scroll right down to the very end¬†of this post, where you’ll find it as a¬†podcast entry for the Spiritblade Underground Podcast. The specific podcast episode that features this review was ‘up’ as of May 3, 2014, which I’ll link to here, but as stated you can also find the isolated review at the bottom of this post – with some background illustrations from the comic!

The Superior Spider-Man is a new series and part of the Marvel Now universe, following right after #700 of the previous volume, The Amazing Spider-Man.

Spider-Man has never been my favorite superhero. The movies with Toby Maguire were kind of okay I guess, but definitely no more than that, although I have to admit I really do like the new movie franchise with Andrew Garfield playing the webslinging hero.

It’s especially the Spidey¬†comics however that were never able to grab me. Whenever I encountered him in other Marvel titles, I¬†found Peter Parker (and his superhero alias)¬†too “teenagey”, often childish even. Frankly to me¬†he bordered on an annoying do-gooder who¬†consistently failed to hold my interest for more than one comic.

I had heard that with the new Marvel Now relaunch/reboot/reimagining (take your pick) there had been a significant change to Spidey: in his new title The Superior Spider-Man it was no longer Peter Parker but his arch-enemy Dr. Octopus who donned the webbed costume!

Now I hadn’t read any issues of the previous title The Amazing Spider-Man¬†except for the Fear Itself tie-in issues, so I didn’t know the origin of this storyline firsthand, but it seemed that Continue reading

Comic tip: Pacific Rim ‚Äď Tales from Year Zero

Recently I discovered a graphic novel which is kind of a prequel to the Pacific Rim¬†movie, which I thought I’d share with you all for it’s a great read. Pacific Rim – Tales from Year Zero was published in close collaboration with the movie’s creators, which is great: some of its most important characters are in the graphic novel, and of course the Kaiju and Jaeger designs are very recognizable as well.¬†Nevertheless, the writers used background stories to the movie that were never filmed, but were originally created to give more substance to the movie’s universe.¬†Thanks to this¬†graphic novel, much of this unknown extra material is now available to us as well. Continue reading