Some images on this blog temporarily disabled

As you may or may not have noticed, my blog didn’t show its many many images for a week or so. This was caused by Photobucket changing its terms of service overnight, without prior notice! For those of you who don’t know, they are the company that until very very recently marketed itself as the third party host of images, for blogs, forums and the like. They have done so for well over 10 years and thousands of bloggers have been hosting their pictures for their blogs on Photobucket.

Well, as it happens, Photobucket have very recently decided to change their policy to now no longer allow third party image sharing (or hot linking), unless users pay a whopping $399,- per year.

So yeah, that’s not going to happen on my end. So I worked very hard to replace every single image by a newly hosted one. I truly empathize with those bloggers who wrote hundreds of posts with thousands of images…

I can only hope the inconvenience for you all has not been too much of a drag, but even so I apologize. I hope you are still with me and keep enjoying my previous and future ramblings on this blog 😉

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