Who is ComiKateI don’t know if there are many women out there who would call themselves both a geek and a Christian – I sure hope so. Anyway, I do know that I am one. And since I couldn’t find any blogs by said women, I thought maybe I should start my own. So I did!

However, I created it in my mother tongue; it’s called Gadgets and Geekery, but it’s in Dutch all the same. The blog you’re actually visiting now is what I’d like to call its “sister blog”: the place where I’ll post the English language counterparts of some of my blogposts. Some, not all, alas, for I haven’t got the time to translate my entire Gadgets and Geekery blog. But I sometimes write some stuff in English, plus I now and then contribute to the Spiritblade Underground Podcast – the Spirit Blade Underground is an online blog and podcast developed by Spirit Blade Productions LLC. Its purpose is to provide a medium through which Christian geeks can both examine and celebrate their lives and the hobbies they enjoy from a Biblical perspective.

When I’m preparing a podcast contribution I usually write down what I want to say first. And since these are in English, I will post those texts here.

You could always check out my other blogpost titles at Gadgets and Geekery and if you’re really interested or curious, just jot me a note and I’ll post a translation here after all.

So, I hope you’ll like what I post here enough to click on Follow – and I promise you I won’t bother you with blogposts like every day of the week! How relaxed is that! 😉

Anyway, enjoy, and please feel free to comment on any blogpost.

Twitter: @GadgetEnGeekery
Youtube: Comikate’s Channel


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