Who is ComiKateI don’t know if there are many women out there who would call themselves both a geek and a Christian – I sure hope so. Anyway, I do know that I am one. And since I couldn’t find any blogs by said women, I thought maybe I should start my own. So I did!

Initially, I created it in my mother tongue; it’s called Gadgets and Geekery, but it’s in Dutch all the same. The blog you’re actually visiting now started out as its “sister blog”: the place where I’ve posted the English language counterparts of some of my original Dutch blogposts. Some, not all, for I haven’t got the time to translate my entire Gadgets and Geekery blog.
But nowadays I write my stuff in English, plus I now and then contribute to the Christian Geek Central Podcast – Christian Geek Central is an online portal, blog, forum, podcast and community developed by Spirit Blade Productions LLC. Its purpose is to equip, encourage and inspire Christian geeks of all kinds to live more and more for Christ.

You could always check out my other blogpost titles at Gadgets and Geekery and if you’re really interested or curious, just jot me a note and I’ll post a translation here after all. Or, just pick your jumping on point and follow this blog from there.

So, I hope you’ll like what I post here enough to click on Follow – and I promise you I won’t bother you with blogposts like every day of the week! How relaxed is that! 😉

Anyway, enjoy, and please feel free to comment on any blogpost.

Twitter: @GadgetEnGeekery
Youtube: Comikate’s Channel

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