Review scores

For my content reviews I like to give two scores: one for Quality and one for Relevance. I’m shamelessly borrowing these categories from Christian Geek Central (CGC). They were defined and described by CGC’s creator and with his permission I’m pasting them here, for think they’re a perfectly fine scoring system. 🙂

Score Number Values

The scores in each category are on a scale of 0.0-10.0, and reflect an educational system of grading. (A through F) If by chance you see these reviews elsewhere using a 1-5 star system, simply multiply that score by two and check the results below.

0.0-5.5: A failing score, with the lower numbers indicating even less quality or value. In Quality, this score reflects how insulting the experience is to the reviewer’s personal taste. In Relevance, it simply represents a decreased likelihood of meaningful conversation or thought based on the material.

6.0-6.5: Major shortcomings result in this substandard score in Quality. In Relevance, it’s a big red flag that says “expect very little”.

7.0-7.5: This is an okay score. Under Quality, it means “not bad, but you’re not missing out”. Under Relevance it means “there are things to discuss or think about if you really want to.”

8.0-8.5: A solid score that, under Quality, means “either now or later, this is worth checking out”. Under Relevance it indicates that there is some good conversation or contemplation to be had here that may not take much effort to start.

9.0-9.5: Under Quality, this score means “either now or later, don’t miss this one”! Under Relevance, it means that the material may very likely provoke worthwhile thought or conversation.

10.0: A rare score in either category. Under Quality, this means “Go check it out NOW! A major artistic achievement!” Under Relevance, this score means that the nature of the material almost demands conversation or at the very least will provoke contemplation in almost everyone who engages with the material.


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