Game review: Awakening 1+2: The Dreamless Castle & Moonfell Wood

The following review was posted on Christian Geek Central (CGC) some time ago and since I’ve only just started this blog I feel it really belongs here as well! (so there).

It is also available as an audio review by the way, since I sometimes contribute to the Spiritblade Underground podcast, which is part of the same CGC community. It is aimed at christian geeks, for them to both examine and celebrate their lives and the hobbies they enjoy from a Biblical perspective. Feel free to check out episode 230 of the Spiritblade Underground podcast – go to 3:47 minutes for my

Awakening 1 & 2 review! (Go ahead, just click on it already ;-))

For those of you who’d rather read, here’s its written counterpart, enjoy! Continue reading