Add some flavor to your gadgets – and skin them!

If you like your gadgets clean, stark and simple, then by all means skip this post. But if you’re in for something different and personalized, and also, if you’re tired of your gadgets getting scratched just by looking at them, then you should consider skinning them. A skin is a special kind of sticker, made of thin yet sturdy material, that is customized to fit your particular gadget.

You can skin almost every possible gadget, and frankly it’s a bit like getting a tattoo! (…) Ok, not really I guess, but it is, in the sense that “once you’ve done one, you want to do more (and more!)”. Anyway, I’m just saying: I’ve skinned every gadget in my house that I could find a skin for.

What I like about it, is that you can completely customize the design of your skin. You can do a photograph (or a compilation you created), pictures of some nice artwork, “look-a-like” woods, metals, fabrics, abstract digital patterns, and so on and so forth; the possibilities are literally endless!

Furthermore, the material is easily removable which broadens the horizons even more, for now you can get a new one when you’ve had enough of your current one. It’s addictive that way (see remark about tattoos…); when I ran out of gadgets to skin, I decided that there was still one left: my Apple TV’s remote. Ridiculous, I know, but what can you do… I’m telling you it’s like getting a new gadget – except for a fraction of the price 🙂

My iPhone 4’s skin – with a customized wallpaper to match

Thirdly, the skin is durable and protects your gadgets against scratches. This is the material they use in the car industry, so you do the math. I’ve had the above skin for two years, then I got a new iPhone – and was sad to see my beloved skin go. After all its use, it still hadn’t worn out!

Last but not least, I particularly like that a skin keeps your gadgets own design intact. The beautiful thin design of your new smartphone or tablet is not hidden like when you use a case or a bumper. You’ve just added color and your own personal style to it, how cool is that!

The only downside is that a skin of course does not offer the same kind of protection that a case does. To me that is in no way a deal breaker however: I simply bought some nicely fitting sleeves for my mobile gadgets and keep them in my handbag whenever needed. Done.

Being the comic geek that I am, I of course skin my gadgets with comics :-). Like my little iPod Nano here, and my first iPad.

iPod Nano – Green Lantern New Guardians. You’ll notice that I’ve used scenes with a lot of pink, since my cute little Nano is pink as well! 🙂


Green Lantern Hal Jordan visits Odym, the Blue Lantern home world. I just love those colors on my iPad!

The aforementioned Apple TV remote sports a scene from Fathom (Aspen Comics), click here if you can’t see the video below.


Here’s my iPhone 4S – all dressed up in Red Hood and the Outlaws:

Sticker sheet with my iPad’s second skin – when I got tired of the first one… (scene is from Grimm Fairy Tales’s Escape from Wonderland)

And finally, my Macbook Air proudly rocks DC’s New 52 Justice League! (I still like to stare at that thing a little while every time I use it :-)).

Skinning your gadget is very simple, although at first it may take you a couple of minutes extra just to get it right. But once you get the hang of it, it’s “Go, and Skin your Gadgets!” For instance, it took me only about 15 minutes to skin my entire Macbook Air, top, bottom and keyboard. I’ve made a little How to video for your convenience so you can see how simple it is!


Guess now all I have to do is wait for the availabity of skinning a television! 🙂 🙂