Comics review: Is the Superior Spider-Man really superior?

In case you’re threatening to go totally TLDR on me ūüėČ , an¬†audio version of this review is available as well! Just scroll right down to the very end¬†of this post, where you’ll find it as a¬†podcast entry for the Spiritblade Underground Podcast. The specific podcast episode that features this review was ‘up’ as of May 3, 2014, which I’ll link to here, but as stated you can also find the isolated review at the bottom of this post – with some background illustrations from the comic!

The Superior Spider-Man is a new series and part of the Marvel Now universe, following right after #700 of the previous volume, The Amazing Spider-Man.

Spider-Man has never been my favorite superhero. The movies with Toby Maguire were kind of okay I guess, but definitely no more than that, although I have to admit I really do like the new movie franchise with Andrew Garfield playing the webslinging hero.

It’s especially the Spidey¬†comics however that were never able to grab me. Whenever I encountered him in other Marvel titles, I¬†found Peter Parker (and his superhero alias)¬†too “teenagey”, often childish even. Frankly to me¬†he bordered on an annoying do-gooder who¬†consistently failed to hold my interest for more than one comic.

I had heard that with the new Marvel Now relaunch/reboot/reimagining (take your pick) there had been a significant change to Spidey: in his new title The Superior Spider-Man it was no longer Peter Parker but his arch-enemy Dr. Octopus who donned the webbed costume!

Now I hadn’t read any issues of the previous title The Amazing Spider-Man¬†except for the Fear Itself tie-in issues, so I didn’t know the origin of this storyline firsthand, but it seemed that Continue reading

Graphic novel: Ravine – high fantasy epic adventure!

When I discovered artist Stjepan Sejic while browsing through his deviantart page last year, I immediately fell in love with his artwork. At the time he was working on graphic novel Ravine, together with well-known and critically acclaimed comic writer Ron Marz.

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Total Must-See: Pacific Rim

This review is also available as an audio review for the Spiritblade Underground Podcast; you can play the video below (it’s just audio however) or listen to the Spiritblade Underground Podcast, episode 277; just click the link, you’ll find my review at 2:43¬†minutes.
The written review has some extras however that the audio review doesn’t have, like specific links to source material, several illustrations, and two panels from the graphic novel prequel!¬† Continue reading

Game review: Awakening 1+2: The Dreamless Castle & Moonfell Wood

The following review was posted on Christian Geek Central¬†(CGC)¬†some time ago and since I’ve only just started this blog I feel it really belongs here as well! (so there).

It is also available as an audio review by the way, since I sometimes contribute to the Spiritblade Underground podcast, which is part of the same CGC community. It is aimed at christian geeks, for them to both examine and celebrate their lives and the hobbies they enjoy from a Biblical perspective. Feel free to check out episode 230 of the Spiritblade Underground podcast Рgo to 3:47 minutes for my

Awakening 1 & 2 review! (Go ahead, just click on it already ;-))

For those of you who’d rather read, here’s its written counterpart, enjoy! Continue reading

New 52: Wonder Woman’s first year

This is a review of one of DC‚Äôs New 52 comics that I don‚Äôt hear very much about ‚Äď it‚Äôs a pity if you don‚Äôt try it out just because you‚Äôve never heard people talk about it. Fair warning though, my review contains some mild spoilers, since its main point is to encourage you to start reading it from issue 0 (followed by #13, don’t ask but this is DC’s new numbering) ‚Äď that is why I will summarize the main story of the first twelve issues for you so that you don‚Äôt have to buy and read them all yourself. I will then share some likes and dislikes, tell you whether you should buy, borrow or ignore this comic, and finally, give you my quality and relevance scores.

This review is also available as a podcast contribution to Spiritblade Underground podcast, an interesting podcast aimed at christian geeks, available through iTunes or go to The Spirit Blade Underground Podcast Home Page.
Click HERE for my Wonder Woman audio review on episode 247 of this podcast, go to 2:24 minutes.


Wonder Woman has a certain nostalgic meaning to me: when I was seven years old I lived in the US for Continue reading